Never Been Before?

It can be daunting if you’ve never been to a church service before. To make it easier, this page gives you some idea of what to expect and what an Ellon Baptist Church service is really like. NOTE THESE ARE NOT APPLICABLE IN THE CURRENT COVID-19 SITUATION AS SERVICES ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.

Getting there

We meet in the Ythan Centre in the heart of Ellon.

Morning Service

You should be offered a copy of the weekly bulletin which gives details of church activities for the week ahead and important fellowship information.

Words for the songs that are used in the service are projected onto the screen at the front of the church for everyone to see so there are no hymnbooks handed out though bibles are available.

Most morning services last about 1½ hours or so. Please feel free to sit where you like. In terms of dress, people come in a wide variety of attires, whether that be completely casual, smart or in between so there is no dress code!

The service usually starts with a brief summary of the notices from our minister Rev William Butchart.

The first part of the service till approx. 11:00 is generally more focused towards the children with a mixture of songs led by the praise group, prayers and a childrens’ talk and song. If you have children, they may prefer to sit with you then come forward, if requested, for the childrens’ talk. During most Sunday morning services the young folks leave for their own youth activities about 11:00. These activities are run by helpers who have been the subject of criminal record checks. If you would like your children to go along, they will be made most welcome. The oldest ones (mid to late secondary) go out every second week.

We also have a crèche facility for parents who would like to use it – again, all helpers have been the subject of criminal record checks.

As mentioned previously the service will normally consist of singing led by our worship group, Bible reading(s), some prayers and a sermon. Maybe you would like to listen in to a service before coming along? MP3 recordings of the sermons are accessible via the Being Updated page.

There will be an offering or collection but don’t feel embarrassed to allow the collection plate to pass by without putting anything in it. Many church members will do this as they contribute directly through their bank accounts and in other ways; so you won’t be the only one passing it on! There are two plates – a general one and a children’s one to which only the children and young people contribute, all of which goes to the Sunday School work. This collection is primarily for regular attenders who wish to give and support the Lord’s work in Ellon and further afield so feel free to do as you feel comfortable.

If you need to leave during a service, no-one will complain if you slip out. Toilets are on the left as you come in, just before entering the main hall. Please feel free to use them at any point during the service.

After the morning service there is usually a chance for a cup of tea, coffee or soft drink served at the back of the building. A great time for folk at EBC to introduce themselves to you.

Evening Service

Evening services often have a different atmosphere and lasts about an hour. We can have in the region of 15 to 50 in the evening and, again, we are fortunate to have up to 10 young children to teenagers out at night. There is no collection in the evening.

We hope this helps to explain what our church is like. Please do come along, we’d love to see you! If you still have some concerns or unanswered questions about our Sunday worship, please contact us by email or telephone using the details on the Being Updated page.

We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you. God bless….

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