Ellon Baptist Church is first and foremost a group of ordinary people of all ages and stages!  We aren’t anything special, we’ve simply discovered that an individual and personal relationship with God is possible through Jesus Christ and we’ve chosen to follow Him in our everyday lives. To help us do this we commit to the following:-

  • We meet together each Sunday (and other times throughout the week) to worship God through prayer, music and singing, and study of the Bible where we consider what it has to say to us in our everyday lives.
  • We try to encourage each other in our faith, care for each other practically, and enjoy fun times of relaxation as a church family together.
  • We are keen to share our faith as we love and serve our local community in a variety of ways – our Sunday services and our weekly activities are relaxed and open to all.
  • We care about our world and the people in it so we support a number of individuals and mission organisations who are sharing the good news of Jesus and making a difference in our world.

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